Cankichi workshop profile

Hello everyone. My name is Cankichi, and I’m a green plants artist.
I have studied about plants, from the basics to creating my own arrangements, and established the Cankichi Workshop (Cankichi Kobo).
I work on various pieces, including my main creations, which I call Keito no Kokedama.

I used to work as a paraveterinarian. I still continue to be involved in animal protection activities with the hope that all pets will lead happy lives.
“Plants are our closest pets” is a theme I follow when creating pieces. Plants, which grow together with us in our daily life, can teach us a lot of important things. I hope to share them with you through my works and my workshops.



Please see the following page for my past works.
An online store is also available.

What is Keito no Kokedama?

Keito no Kokedama is an original product of Cankichi Workshop and is a registered trademark. It is made and arranged by winding various kinds of threads around succulents. The threads are changed according to growth of the plant or the season. Just as we humans change our clothes, so the Keito no Kokedama likes the occasional variation in its surroundings.

I hope owners will enjoy Keito no Kokedama for a long time while taking care of it and observing its growth as a pet.

Keito no Kokedama sold in Japan are made with live plants. Others sold overseas might be artificial, depending on export laws, matters of maintenance and so on.


How to water Keito no Kokedama

No watering is required for an artificial plant.
Water live Kokedama about once every ten days and whenever it looks stiff and dry. Succulents do not like humidity. If watered too much, the roots will rot.

  1. Put some water in a bowl or other deep container, and place the Kokedama in it for about 15 minutes.
  2. Take the Kokedama out when it is soaked through.
  3. Hold the Kokedama with both hands and squeeze the water out. If too much moisture remains in the plant, it will destroy the root and kill it.
  4. When it is well drained, place the Kokedama on a stand.


I am so glad and thankful that so many people from other countries have purchased Keito no Kokedama. Unfortunately, I can only respond to email messages in Japanese, so even if you don’t get a response from me, please know that I deeply appreciate your interest.